Poo gone awry.

You have been warned!

There is quite a bit of poo in this snippet – if you are easily grossed out or mortified by poo, move along, there’s nothing for you to see here.



It’s inevitiable that while in the hospital a request will be made for poo. Capt. Snuggles has had quite a bit of, er, output, as it were, which precipitated today’s request for a sample.

Collecting poo from babies is harder than you might imagine.

Capt. Snuggles has the tendency to have projectile poo. I’ve seen him take down 3 nurses with a single diaper change.

I am not kidding.

The request for poo was made this morning, it it now 11pm. It’s been a long day of missed poo.

Until now.

He had a little smear in his diaper – which is his modus operandi – he lures you in for a quick diaper change – and you end up changing your own underwear – he’s that good.

So the nurse was going to ‘bag’ him – put a little bag on his bum to catch the poo.

Open the diaper, wipe the bum and swoosh – a fountain of poo streams over the diaper, onto the pad underneah him. In the nurses’ quick thinking, she grabs a plastic tube about 3/4″ in diameter and well, plugs the dike, so to speak.

But then he stops the poo, midstream. Nothing in the tube.

No wait, here it comes again, plug the dike….darn the poo stopped again…

Oh – here it comes again, plug the dike, rub the belly, swoosh….YEAH!!!! we got poo in the tube!!!!!

I think Capt Snuggles was just sent to the Juicing room with Violet Beauregarde.


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