They’re coming for us….

We dodged a bullet, Capt Snuggles and I did. We were almost taken back to the PICU.  Our PICU cousins came for us this evening. They were called down by our skittish GI brethren.

Capt Snuggles was behaving badly.

Our favorite PICU Fellow came in, hugged me and proclaimed “He doesn’t look that bad – for him, he looks pretty good!”  Such astute medical observations

I agreed, though. He didn’t look that bad. He just didn’t look that good to our GI brethren. Copius amounts of bodily fluids emanating from tiny orifices can have that effect on people.

We are loved by our PICU cousins – we scored 3 Fellows, 2 residents, a multitude of Chaperones  AND an Attending.

I was impressed by the Attending….

I wondered out loud though, who wagered against Capt Snuggles remaining on the floor?  There were a few sheepish grins and downcast eyes. Shame on you, naysayers…….Capt Snuggles will show you!

After much ogling of the baby and a few suggestions, he was given a reprieve.  With the caveat that if he didn’t look much better in an hour, we would be moving back.

That was 5 hours ago.

Time to pay up, naysayers……. 





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One thought on “They’re coming for us….

  1. Mom

    Just found out Captain Snuggles was sent back to ICU…call me when you can…working till 4:30 but have cell with me..

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