Johnny Depp, Elvis and Super Mom walk into a bar……

I was asleep when they arrived.

 Dead to the world, asleep. Dreaming of Elvis and Johnny Depp, kind of asleep. oh, and I’m pretty sure there was drool involved.  Waking to one of our Chaperones moving about the room, is one thing. Waking to our Favorite Fellow calling my name amidst an audience of a dozen or so pairs of eyes is disconcerting, to say the very least.

I tried, I really did. I tried to pay attention to the roll call of lab values (getting longer everyday). The discussion of whether 16 different antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals was really necessary (okay, maybe not 16, but enough to treat a small country, nontheless).  And (here’s the biggie) the rather loud and somewhat heated discussion of  whether imaging his head (again) would give us an answer as to why he is behaving badly.

I tried to follow along, but all I could think of was the fact that I was standing in my stocking feet (Thank God I wore socks to bed…) my hair was a rat’s nest and I’m sure my breath could have taken down the person in the back row. That, and I had been dreaming about Elvis and Johnny Depp, what was up with that

 Stellar parenting, I know.  

Or maybe not.  After all, we have been incarcerated a long time and quite frankly, rounds are boring. Yep, I said it – rounds are boring. Pure Charlie Brown, wma wma wma. I know it’s my kid and I should be totally fascinated with the fact his soluble IL2 receptors are in the 4000 range (not really a good thing, btw). But some days I actually wonder if my head can explode from the prolific amount of information that is thrown at me each day.

Which takes me back to the loud and rather heated discussion over imaging the poor lads’  brain again.  It was 2 to 1 in favor of scanning, so Capt Snuggles earned a ride down to CT. Which, in turn, earned him a repeat spinal tap.

The day wasn’t all bad, though. I earned Super Mom status today. I know that’s hard to believe in light of my nocturnal infatuations with Elvis and Johnny Depp, but it’s true.

The fine print on the poster reads “My cape is only worn on special occasions!”

Thank you to the gals in Child Life for brightening our days with toys, laughter and official proclimations of Superness!

I wonder if Elvis and Johnny Depp are still waiting for me…..

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5 thoughts on “Johnny Depp, Elvis and Super Mom walk into a bar……

  1. Congrats on the Super Mom status and I, for one, think you should wear the cape to remind people of your awesomeness. You are a great mom! Amazing, really. And it sounds like a really good dream. Stupid rounds.


    • Amy~Thanks for the vote of confidence! I was rummaging through your older blogs ~ I can relate to the one about your Dad and his hearing. Jonathan, who is 5, has a significant speech delay. I’m not always sure what he says, so I purposely string silly words together to get him to really try and pronounce his words correctly – but in public situations people aren’t always so gracious with him.Explaining to a 5 year old why an adult was rude to them is difficult. I’m curious for your opinion on something. Given our situation, I get a lot of people, some we know well and some not so well, that will say “Is there anything I can do for you?” I’m never really sure how to respond. I mean, I’m always polite and thank them, but I’ve never asked anyone for a favor.Sometimes I want to ask for something off the wall , just to see if they’re really willing to do something for me! Silly, I know. I’ve been contemplating this as a blog topic. Any insight is welcome!

  2. I can’t imagine having to take in that level of conversation and try to keep everything else together as well. You totally deserve that cape. BTW, ask people for help – you’ll be amazed at what people can and will do to assist.

  3. I am sure Elvis and Johnny Depp are waiting for you…after all you are a super hero, that sure aces their status! All you have to do is close your eyes…

  4. You deserve Johnny and Elvis. So deserve!! x

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