I don’t really work here.

I try to get out of the hospital each day and walk. I could lead you to believe that I am in phenomenal shape, that I am athletic and well-toned. I mean, it could happen!  Let’s just say, Garfield is my hero when he says he’s not overweight, he’s undertall.  It’s not that I don’t like to excercise, I do.

 I’ve just been a  little busy.

 I am tempted to load a workout video on my borrowed laptop and workout next to Capt Snuggles while he snoozes. He’s certainly not going to care, but I wonder what folks would think if I was doing a Tae-Bo workout when they came to visit us. Or yoga. A little downward-facing dog, maybe?

I’m afraid they might sequester me in my own room and not let me go.

So, I walk.

Most of the security guards around the hospital campus recognize me, at least they no longer stop me and ask if I’m lost. When they see me walk past them more than 6 times, they begin to wonder. 

One of our PICU Fellows stopped in this evening and asked if that was me walking laps around the hospital this morning.

Um. It depends. I wasn’t doing anything weird, was I? I do have the tendency to say things out loud. no – I don’t talk to myself, I just think out loud. Really, I never answer myself. At least,  I don’t think I do….

 I’m not sure why this simple remark threw me off – of course, it’s not odd that someone would happen to see me walking around outside the hospital. It just reminds me of being in jr.high and realizing that teachers actually had a life outside of school. (yes, it took me until jr.high to realize that.)

Or maybe, since I haven’t gone home in 11 weeks, I assume no one else has either.

The bright side of our incarceration – I now receive the employee discount in the cafeteria.

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