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The Wordless Wednesday We’ve ALL Been Waiting For

I know, I know – it’s supposed to be a wordless Wednesday. But I have to say at least a few words. A few words to say: I really, really struggled with posting this pic. I’ve been waiting and waiting for his skin to improve to the point you wouldn’t believe all the bad things I’ve been saying about his skin.

So first, I want you to imagine a burn. A burn so bad, that it blistered and when the blister broke and the skin peeled away, it bleed and left the skin under it raw, irritated and weepy. Now imagine that it happened over 80 percent of your body. Your face, your scalp, your ears, your back, your chest, your hands, your feet. All of it, gone, even your nails have peeled away.Then imagine as it starts to heal and scab over. Slowly, ever so slowly scabbing over.

Are you sufficently mortified by that image?

Good, because this is what Capt Snuggle’s look like now.

Aren't I beautiful?

Isn’t he the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

I think so.

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