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There is no simple fix

“We are doing everything we possibly can.” These are the words you just don’t want to hear. Isn’t there something? Something else to make the bleeding stop?

He’s had 3 blood transfusions in less than 24 hours. Let me clarify – usually he gets 1/2 unit per transfusion (1/2 can of soda)- today he got a full unit per transfusion (full 12oz can of soda) . He’s had platelets x 6, cryo x 6 and plasma. They started him on octreotide , a drug used to constrict blood flow to the gut when a patient has a massive GI bleed.

They can’t seem to get the bleeding under control.

It’s been a long night, into a longer day, into yet another long night. I’m scared of falling asleep, only to wake to the sound of him vomiting blood or worse. The sound of doctors and nurses and respiratory therapists all crowding into the room because he’s crashing. I want to be awake if he should start crashing.


I’m going to pull my chair alongside him tonite and read aloud whatever I can find. It’s going to be a very long night.

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