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Of mice and rabbits

I dreamed of mice and rabbits, ducks and foxes. I watched as 2 rats rolled David up in a bit of dough, ready to make a kitten-dumpling.  I suppose that’s what happens when you doze off while reading Peter Rabbit and Friends.  Before dozing off, David’s blood pressures had just started rising and his heart-rate had just started falling. Not a good combination, especially in light of all the bleeding.

I woke from my Beatrix Potter dream to the need of an emergency CT-scan of David’s head. Brachycardia coupled with elevated blood pressures can indicate problems with the brain, so at 7:30am we were traveling down to CT. Fortunately, it didn’t show any bleeding or masses. The fluid that was noted back in November is relatively unchanged. There was noted atrophy of his brain, which is indicative of his extended illness and lengthy drug consumption.

So far they have not intervened with his blood pressures or his heart-rate. We’ll wait him out and see what the day brings. While there’s still some bleeding, it’s no where near as copious as it was yesterday.  As the day goes by quietly, the decrease in blood is a positive. A good indication that the octreotide did it’s job. If he could go 24 hours with no blood whatsoever, they could stop the octreotide and see what happens.


Yesterday was a touch and go kind of catastrophe with just one thing after another happening all day. A high adrenaline day that leaves you feeling drained. I knew he was teetering on the edge all damn day and it’s just the worse feeling in the world to stand by and do nothing. When our GI doctor comes in at the end of the day and says “All I can do is offer a hug.” All you want to do is cry.

But today was a new day, one that we’ve gotten through with very little fanfare. After his joy ride around the hospital this morning, things have settled and we’re enjoying the quiet. He’s stable and that’s all I can really hope for at this point.

So on to another night with Beatrix Potter. Mice and rabbits, ducks and foxes. Jemima Puddle-Duck is waiting for us.

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