We’ll resume our regularly scheduled program, tomorrow

Jonathan lost 2 teeth back to back - can you see the bottom tooth is loose as well? He's keeping the tooth fairy busy!

Since David is having a quiet day, sshhh! We can all ooh and aahh over Jon Jon’s missing teeth. When asked how much he thought the tooth fairy was going to bring him – he said “at least $5.00”. I said “um, no, maybe a $1.00″.

He was content with that.

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9 thoughts on “We’ll resume our regularly scheduled program, tomorrow

  1. We’ll take quiet!!!

    Quiet is good!!

    (gotta love a snaggled tooth grin πŸ™‚

  2. Awww that is cool! It’s funny how they always want so much money!! LOL!!!

  3. Sairah

    Has he seen the new Toothfairy movie with the Rock… the girls watched it and had a serious discussion about how toothfairies are lucky we don’t have a cat, so that it is easier for them to get to their teeth… πŸ™‚

  4. carrie

    Thank God for quiet days.

  5. sharon

    A quiet day for David AND a picture of a gap-toothed little boy – that’s pretty good going.


  6. Gap-tooth grins – gotta love ’em! Seems like they come out in batches, too.
    Shhh, hoping for more quiet.

  7. So glad yesterday was a quiet day. Love the missing teeth! Still praying….

  8. Luann

    One of my favorite stories: A child says to his mother, “Mom, I know you’re the tooth fairy, but could you just show me your costume?”

    Beautiful smile on that child!

  9. Cute smile.

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