Wordless Wednesday – A Retospective

sssshhhh! In honor of Capt Snuggles and the quiet week he’s having, (adeno count down to 248,000) YEAH! sshhhh….

I’ve put together a little retrospective slide-show of our stay from the past 5 months.

Just click here.

Be warned, the music starts automatically.

Enjoy yourself some Snuggles.

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12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – A Retospective

  1. I can’t view it ;-(

  2. Kammy

    So So sweet! What a cute boy! So happy he is having a quiet week – sshh
    I hope you are getting some rest too. Sending all my positive thoughts and prayers for Captain Snuggles.

  3. Cute. Praying for many more sweet smiles from the Capt.

  4. so sweet.

  5. sharon

    Such a cutie-pie. Fingers crossed for some more quiet days and nights.


  6. Thank you, Amy, for sharing the pictures with us. What a precious child! It helps to see who I am praying for. I already love this little boy–and his mommy, as well. Just know that you are daily in my prayers.

  7. These are gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I am so happy to hear that he is having a quiet week (could our collective energies be shifting the Universe?)


  8. Holy cuteness! He is a beautiful boy and I will pray my heart out he feels better soon.

  9. You’ve all been through so much in such a short time. God bless you all. He’s so beautiful.

  10. aww…your poor little man :/ such a brave guy!!!

  11. Claire

    i totally did a fist pump in the air when i saw that low number!! (hopefully even lower and lower)

    so i had to delurk and comment.

  12. Quiet weeks and low counts are very good. My prayers still include you!

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