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a) the action or power of moving the intellect or emotion

b) the act of influencing or suggesting opinions

c) the quality or state of being inspired

d) Captain Snuggles


Today is the day.

Today kicks off a number of blood drives and individual blood donations. Today is the day that friends around North America will start donating blood in honor of Capt Snuggles.

It brings tears to my eyes, to think that so many people have been affected by David’s story. That so many people are willing to take time out of their busy lives to do a good deed, in honor of someone they’ve never even met.  That in itself is inspiration. My friend Kirsten, who is leading the Canadian contingent with her blood donation today, left me this comment the other day:

Amy, you and David inspire me to focus on stuff that is important instead of fixating on stupid things that don’t matter. You inspire me to seek ways to be a better person and help the world around me. Two days from now I am donating blood in honour of David…..

How amazing is that? I am honored to have such incredible friends. She’s right, of course, David is inspiring. He has inspired me to write. To seek and make friends with other families in similar situations. He has inspired me to want to make a difference in this life, not just coast through it. This whole experience has changed my outlook on a lot of things.

Material items for one. I’ve lived like a virtual monk for the past 5 months – I have very few personal items with me. My iPod, my laptop, a couple changes of clothes, 1 pair of shoes, 1 purse, some basic toiletry items.  Sure I can watch a movie if I feel like or find a book to read, but I’m without an entire houseful of things, that quite honestly – I don’t miss. (okay, I miss my sewing machine)

I wonder what it will be like to finally go home and be surrounded by the all the stuff that once defined me. I wonder how the family will react to the de-cluttering that I know will need to take place.

I recently had a conversation with another dear friend that centered around kids and taking the risk, after having one child affected by citrullinemia, to go on and have more kids. Is it fair to the other children and family members? Is it fair to the child? I wondered if it’s not so much about the child and the issues they may have, but about what that child has to teach everyone around them.

I know, right? My wisdom shocks even me. Seriously though, in that one statement, I can see clearly what I need to take with me from this experience.  David is teaching me how to be a better person, mother, friend. How to reach out to others and offer what support I can.

And that my friends, is what inspiration truly is.

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