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Where’s John Coffey when you need him?

Strange things tend to pop into my head.

The other day, John Coffey appeared in my over-loaded noggin and all I wanted to do was watch the movie. Silly, right? It was that single-minded apparition that caused me to venture to Netflix. I rather expected the movie giant should would have this older movie available to watch online. Nope. You had to order the DVD and wait. Since I’m not home – I was going to be waiting a long time. So I turned to iTunes.

For $9.99 of my precious iTunes gift card that I’d been hoarding since Christmas, I now own a digital version of The Green Mile. I’m not usually so extravagant for digital movies, but hey, sometimes that’s what a gift is all about – something you wouldn’t normally get for yourself.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I was suddenly obsessed by this fictional character. Think about it – wouldn’t it be awesome for some big strapping guy to walk into our room and breathe all of the bad stuff out of Capt Snuggles?

Hell, maybe just the big strapping guy? (oh, my bad, that’s another post entirely….)


I think that it just goes back to all the talk about Omnipotent beings and miracles and prayers shifting the universe. And maybe the real desire for something dramatic to happen in the course of David’s care. Something dramatic to the good, please. We’ve had enough dramatic to the not so good.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had good – adenovirus count yesterday was 53,000. Yet, something still made me stop and not brag about it to the world.

Because we’ve also had plenty of not so good.

Take, for example, the major GI bleeding that started late yesterday and continued through today. So much bleeding that he needed platelets x 6, blood transfusion x 2, plasma and cryo.

And his adenovirus count for today? 301,000.

Definitely, not so good.

So much for getting through a relatively quiet week unscathed. Is it really too much to ask for the roller coaster to stop? Can’t I put in a request to stop losing a foot for every inch of ground gained?


Maybe adding John Coffey to the long list of Omnipotent beings, universe shifting prayers and miracles isn’t such a bad idea.

It certainly can’t hurt.

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