You’re Right – The Minion Needs His Own Blog

I took a shower yesterday. I know, right? It’s about time. But aren’t you proud of me? That makes 2 this week. It also means the Minion was unattended for approximately 20 minutes. Technically he was supposed to be watching TV in bed with his sleeping Daddy.

Note to self: sleeping parents do not make good baby-sitters.

When I got out of the shower I found this:

Exactly how I found them arranged on the table.

Now, originally I was going to post just this picture. Because, in and of itself, it tickles me that he took a bite out of each donut and then arranged them on the table. Of course, the big boys won’t be happy to find out there’s no donuts for breakfast, but for Zachary, this is a relatively minor infraction.

But then, after I put the donuts back in the box, I noticed this:

Do you see what he really did?

The amount that he ate from each donut, is relatively accurate to the picture on the side of the box.  Did he think they needed to be eaten that way? Is he the one that received my artistic genes and he’s creating his first still-life? It’s sorta like an installation piece,  3-dimensional edible art.

Now you know, I don’t call him Rain-Man for nothing.

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17 thoughts on “You’re Right – The Minion Needs His Own Blog

  1. This is hysterical! This little guy really keeps you on your toes!


  2. Patty

    I’m glad you took a picture! That is too cute!

  3. gianna

    That is awesome Amy…I would say he really has some artistic talent in him…don’t think I would have ever got that bite that accurate! 🙂

  4. Jolie

    I love this post. Congrats on the shower! I used to shower after the kids went to bed and were asleep. My littlest was a challenging toddler. It also was a way to wash the stupid things I’d done that day off of me. :o)
    I think he’s a genius. Just making sure the boys got what the box showed. Excellent!
    I’m so glad to see you smile!!!

  5. That’s awesome!!!! Gotta love a child who’s outlook on life is unique and individual. I still have an art piece that my (now 26 year old) daughter did when she was about 3-4. Her teach gave her 5 circles – each a different size – and the object of the lesson was to teach the larger / smaller concept. By the time the teacher got to my daughter, she had stacked them with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top and glued them together. The teacher was amazed (but then I always knew my daughter was gifted ;-). I still have it – all faded and wrinkled (kinda like me) but it makes me smile.

  6. This is so funny!!!! I got out of the shower yesterday and Mitchell had moved all the furniture in the living room into the center of the room – heavy furniture!!!!

  7. Love, love, love him!

  8. sharon

    It’s quality control! Your little minion was obviously making sure they all tasted just right before giving them to his older brothers 😉

    Congrats on the shower.


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  10. With my most sincere apologies, I’ve awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog. Congrats! (And please forgive me.)


  11. It’s impossible to get mad when they’re being adorable. I think they learn this at an early age. They’re little brains do work in unique ways! Thanks for the smile.

  12. Awesome! You should leave another box of something like it and see what he does…Daddies are never “great” babysitters. They are great sitters and let the children run wild babysitters. Or at least thats how it is at my house 🙂

  13. I must say I’m impressed. I do believe he has something there.

    There was that Ramona Quimby book where she ate a bite out of each apple because the first bite is always best.

  14. Brilliant!! So glad you figured out his artistic genius and didn’t get mad at him for biting all the donuts!!

    Veronica 🙂

  15. Prepare For Rain

    This is great. Be careful or he’ll sign his name to the toilet next like Duchamp –

  16. That.Is.Awesome. I’m so impressed at how well he copied the picture on the box! ha!

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