Hey, Mommy…

Monday afternoon, I had to take Jacob  to the Pediatrician’s office. He was having some issues with his, er, boy bits. I’m so glad we have a woman Ped, because in many ways, I’m still a 12 year old girl inside and chatting casually about a boy’s bits still turns my face beet red.  They’re fine, by the way, his boy bits, that is.


The trip to the Ped’s office takes about 45 minutes and the Rain-Man graced us with his ever-loving chatty self. I like to turn the music up, in the hopes of drowning him out, to help occupy the boys with loud obnoxious singing. Jacob, in particular, likes to sing and always asks for the music to be loud.

Over the din of Daughtry, I hear “Hey. Mommy……”

I turn the music down.

Yes, Zachary?

Hey, Mommy, did you see that tree?

Yes, Zachary, I did.

I turn the music back up.

Before the next verse, I hear “Hey, Mommy…..”

I turn the music down.

Yes, Zachary?

Hey, Mommy, did you see that truck? It’s big!

Yes, Zachary, you’re right it is big.

I turn the music back up.

As soon as Chad Kroeger  starts to croon, I hear “Hey, Mommy.…”

I turn the music down.

Yes, Zachary?

Hey, Mommy, the sun is the sky, you know.

Yes, Zachary, I know.

I turn the music back up.

And so it goes for the next 45 minutes straight – I doubt we heard a single song in it’s entirety. I do believe this is the definition of Purgatory. Trapped in the car with the non-stop random musings of the Rain-Man. Of course, this isn’t really limited to car rides, Hey, Mommy plays ALL. DAY. LONG

Hey, Mommy, I want some juice.

Hey Mommy, I want to watch Thomas.

Hey Mommy, I want you to sit with me.

Hey, Mommy, I don’t want to watch that Thomas.

Hey Mommy, I want some cheetos.

Hey Mommy, I want you to put a rattery in Rosie. (Or any other toy train that has been left running all night and is now in need of a new ‘rattery’.)

This is usually within the first 15 minutes of waking up each day. In fact, Hey Mommy, plays on and on and on, so much so, last night, as I walked past his finally sleeping form, I heard Hey, Mommy…

Yes, Zachary?


Even in his sleep, the Rain-Man’s brain is rambling on, non-stop.

He really does sleep.

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10 thoughts on “Hey, Mommy…

  1. Patty

    He’s still making up for five months with no mommy around! How sweet!

  2. hehehe, I have one of those, he is almost 9 years old, 9. LONG. YEARS. He now monologues to himself and I grunt at what I deem to be the appropriate times 😀 Still, there is one huge advantage, I always get told what is on his mind, if he worried or upset etc, he just can’t keep anything in 🙂

    That is a gorgeous photo 🙂 Jen

  3. Jolie

    Wow. Thanks for reminding me of the Hey Mommy. We had those exact car rides. Only I’d lose my schmidt after so long and just turn the dang radio off. What now? Oh, I was going to ask you to turn the music up a little. rofl! Mine are 8 and 6 and now are starting to play together more. Oh, no worries, if one wants to play the other acts all aloof and not interested. Just to make my head spin. My Hey Mommy days are gone, replaced with Mo-om! days. It’s ok, I like going down memory lane, and thank you for taking me along.
    Have a wonderful day Amy, I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Aren’t they absolute angels when they are sleeping? (And other times, too…)

  5. The song I hear all day long goes something like “Uh Mom. Mom. Mom.” The 4 year old usually starts the song and the 1 year old sings it for the rest of the day.

  6. dysfunctionalsupermom

    LOL…Mr. SwearPants does the same thing. All. The. Time. It’s “Ummm. Mommy.” Everywhere. All the time. Everyday.

    As a mother, I’ve come to appreciate the sound of nothing so much that anytime we go to the movies and that little “Silence is Golden” phrase flashes across the big screen, I find myself sighing and saying “AMEN” out loud. LOL!

    You are not alone. Although, I know you wish you were. 😉

  7. dynajo

    The “Hey Mommy” will turn into “Hey Mom” I know my boys are 23 and 24. When they are home from the Army, its Hey Mom where’s the or Hey Mom are you…. I miss the Hey Mommy.

  8. sharon

    My little ‘hey Mummy’ turned into a ‘Mu-uuum?’ (rising note), then a grunted Mmmh during his early teen years followed by ‘Mu-mmmm’ (descending note) in the later teen years. It’s nice to just be Mum now that he’s in his 20s but I do miss my little ‘hey Mummy’ – just occasionally 😉

  9. I have to admit, I’m slightly obsessed with my boys’ bits… only because it’s the only external organ I don’t have personal experience with, so every time it’s a little red or puffy, I freak out! lol.

  10. Too cute, even if it is a bit much 🙂 So observant.
    Stumbled over from Thirsty Thursdays. A day late is alright, right!?

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