All for Jacob ~ Wordless Wednesday

Today is Jacob’s 8th birthday. This Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to him.

All the presents he got for his 1st Birthday and he played with the old ratty basket!

Yeah for me & Papa! It sure has been a long day.

This is what 1st Grade looks like.

What a heart-breaker! This is one of my favorites.

Gotta Love those ears!

A rare shot of the two of us.


Happy Birthday, Jacob Harley!

You are Loved.



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13 thoughts on “All for Jacob ~ Wordless Wednesday

  1. Happy birthday to Jacob!!!
    (P.S. – I stole your Wordless Wednesday idea for my own post!)


  2. Happy birthday! What a handsome young man. You two look great together.

  3. Sairah

    Aww, happy birthday Jacob!!

  4. Patty

    Happy Birthday to Jacob! Guess he was YOUR birthday present 8 years ago!

  5. Happy Birthday Jacob! You two look great together he is adorable.

  6. He is beautiful!! Happy Birthday Jacob! Nice to see you Amy. xoxoxo

  7. What a handsome boy!! Happy birthday.

  8. My favorite?

    The mohawk. Hands down.

    Happy birthday, big guy!

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  10. Jolie

    What a cutie! So you share the same b’day? COOL!
    Happy Birthday to both of you!!! ♥

  11. sharon

    Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

    Beautiful pictures Amy.


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