Can You Spare a Pint?

During the 5 months David was in the hospital, he required blood transfusions. A LOT of blood transfusions. As near as I can figure he had upwards of 40  separate blood transfusions, nearly as many platelet transfusions, as well as several plasma and cryo transfusions. That’s a staggering amount of blood products for 20lb baby. While his transfusions were approx 1/2 of a unit, it still means it took at least 20 unique individuals to provide all of those blood products just for him.

20 different people that donated blood simply because it’s needed. To save the lives of complete strangers. Amazing, don’t you think? One of my Canadian friends wanted to help in just this same way. Kirsten chose to donate blood for the first time, to honor David,  back in December, when he was still with us. It’s coming up on her time to donate again and this time, she wanted a way to honor his memory.

She asked me if it was okay to organize an ‘online’ blood drive to try to and rally folks across continental lines to step up and donate blood. My response?

Hell, yeah!

So we chose the first week in April to motivate people into donating blood. You can visit the Capt Snuggles Blood Drive Facebook event, it’s a public event, so you don’t need to be our ‘friend’ to RSVP. (You can if you want to, though!)

In addition, if you’re in the Cincinnati / Hillsboro area, I took it a step further and organized an actual blood drive. We will be hosting the 1st annual David Hillis Memorial Blood Drive on Monday, April 4th from 1:30 – 7:00pm. It will be held at the Highland County YMCA.

As an added bonus anyone that donates blood and snaps a pic or a bit of video of them at the blood center, can send it to us and it will be included in a PSA video that Kirsten will be putting together.

I think this event could really make a difference. Won’t you consider donating blood the first week of April? It could save someone’s life, maybe even someone you know.

For information on Blood donation:

In the US: American Red Cross

In the Tri-State: Hoxworth Blood Centers

In Canada: Canadian Blood Services

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4 thoughts on “Can You Spare a Pint?

  1. What a great cause! Stopping by from Mama Kat’s. As soon as I can, I hope to be able to donate blood, maybe I can get at least my husband to do so.

  2. YEAH!!! I’m really excited about this! Apparently a single unit of blood can help up to three people. If we get 100 people to donate in the first week of April, that has potential to help 300 people!!! That babe of yours could end up saving many, many lives. What an awesome legacy.

  3. Found us one Kirsten!!

    2011-04-04 10:00AM – 2:00PM

  4. sharon

    I would if only I could! Unfortunately having lived in the UK during the BSE years we are not allowed to donate blood here in Australia ;-(


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