Child Dancing, Heart’s Delight

Since we just got back from our, well, I'd say weekend, but it really
was just a day & 1/2, away. I'm going to leave you with a poem that Jennie, over
at A Lady In France sent to me shortly after David passed away. Enjoy.
I'll be back tomorrow.

                Child dancing, heart's delight
		Petals floating, happy light.
		Angels waiting, face benign,
		“This small child is one of mine.”

		Fragrant blossoms, fresh with dew,
		Princely garland over you.
		Tinkling music, a fairy's laugh
		Leads the frolic down the path.

		Mighty fortress sound, secure,
		to shelter children coming here.
		Wooden doors lead to the hall;
		I know this one! I know them all!

		Happy voices, “Come and eat!”
		For you, there's always been a seat.
		A room, a hearth, a forever be
		With forever views on acorn trees.

		Calmly playing, heart content,
		waiting til my family's sent.
		Bright eyes twinkling, King divine!
		“This small child is one of mine.”
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5 thoughts on “Child Dancing, Heart’s Delight

  1. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Patty

    Welcome home. Looking forward to hearing about it more. Hope you had a restful time.

  3. I love this poem. Thank you for sharing!

  4. sharon

    I hope you both found some time to breathe and just be.


  5. I’m touched that you would post this.

    Sending you love.

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