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Dear Capt Snuggles,

We always talk about how fast or slow time goes by and four years certainly feels like both forever and just yesterday. The good – forever ago and the bad – just yesterday. I wrote this letter the day of your funeral – I still cry when I read it. My heart will always be broken, there’s just no way to heal the empty crevice you left. But that’s okay, I wouldn’t want to. Your physical presence in my life was a gift, no matter how temporary. Your sweet soul fills that deep crevice and holds the pieces of my heart together. Rest easy, Capt Snuggles – you are loved beyond measure and will never be forgotten.

Transplanted Thoughts

To my sweet Capt Snuggles,

David Henry, this is a hard letter to write. I wish that it was a rambling account of how things are this year, historical facts to remember, events to recount for when you grow old. But therein lies the problem. I write this letter because I know in my heart of hearts – you will never grow old. Those words rip out my heart and make me weep. I am at a loss on how to say goodbye.

Can I be honest with you? I was devastated when I learned I was pregnant again. I struggled with the prospect of motherhood overloaded. But I want you to understand, no matter how I felt before you were born – I loved you completely when you arrived.

You were beautiful, such hair! The dark color was deceiving, you were hiding all that red until we took to…

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