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All for Jacob ~ Wordless Wednesday

Today is Jacob’s 8th birthday. This Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to him.

All the presents he got for his 1st Birthday and he played with the old ratty basket!

Yeah for me & Papa! It sure has been a long day.

This is what 1st Grade looks like.

What a heart-breaker! This is one of my favorites.

Gotta Love those ears!

A rare shot of the two of us.


Happy Birthday, Jacob Harley!

You are Loved.



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Wordless Wednesday – Jonathan’s Turn

Jon Jon doesn’t get much screen time here, so today’s Wordless Wednesday is devoted to him.

Holding Baby Zachary

Day at the Zoo

On the Ride Home

He LOVED those goggles!

They really do Love each other


Meeting David for the 1st time

Holding David for the 1st time

So handsome

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Wordless Wednesday

My sister-in-law created this slide-show and played it during the visitation. I wanted to share it with you, the folks that couldn’t be there.  It’s about 4 1/2 minutes long and there is music. You can watch it here.

I can’t say Thank You enough to the folks sending cards and small tokens, leaving comments, sending me messages, and suggesting songs! They truly mean the world to me.  I will get to thanking you all individually and returning messages, but right now, that’s a monumental task and I’m not quite ready for it. Suffice for me to say Thank you, right here and now and acknowledge that I love you all for your continued love and support. I am truly blessed.

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Wordless Wednesday – A Retospective

sssshhhh! In honor of Capt Snuggles and the quiet week he’s having, (adeno count down to 248,000) YEAH! sshhhh….

I’ve put together a little retrospective slide-show of our stay from the past 5 months.

Just click here.

Be warned, the music starts automatically.

Enjoy yourself some Snuggles.

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The Wordless Wednesday We’ve ALL Been Waiting For

I know, I know – it’s supposed to be a wordless Wednesday. But I have to say at least a few words. A few words to say: I really, really struggled with posting this pic. I’ve been waiting and waiting for his skin to improve to the point you wouldn’t believe all the bad things I’ve been saying about his skin.

So first, I want you to imagine a burn. A burn so bad, that it blistered and when the blister broke and the skin peeled away, it bleed and left the skin under it raw, irritated and weepy. Now imagine that it happened over 80 percent of your body. Your face, your scalp, your ears, your back, your chest, your hands, your feet. All of it, gone, even your nails have peeled away.Then imagine as it starts to heal and scab over. Slowly, ever so slowly scabbing over.

Are you sufficently mortified by that image?

Good, because this is what Capt Snuggle’s look like now.

Aren't I beautiful?

Isn’t he the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

I think so.

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